February 27, 2013
Brunswick Forest

I’d rather be in Carolina…Ain’t no place finer. That is how the song goes and we believe it! North Carolina has an unbeatable mild climate enabling the residents of Brunswick Forest, nestled near Wilmington, NC, to take in outdoor activities all year long!

Let’s take a look…Wilmington, NC enjoys an average temperature of 70 degrees; and Coastal North Carolina offers four distinct seasons: a lovely spring, bright summer, colorful fall, and best of all…a mild winter!

See how other cities compare to Wilmington’s average temp!

Melville, NY…50ْ

Chicago, IL…47ْ

Philadelphia, PA…54ْ

Greenwich, CT…51ْ

McLean, VA…55ْ

Pittsburgh, PA…49ْ

Bridgewater, NJ…51ْ

Come warm up at Brunswick Forest, nestled near Wilmington, NC, and enjoy the beautiful year-round weather!