New Year’s Resolutions – Create Your Vision

December 31, 2017
Beth Burgee

“Action without vision is only passing time, vision without action is merely day dreaming, but vision with action can change the world. -Nelson Mandela

With the turn of a new year, we’re programmed to treat this holiday as a transitional period to weed out bad habits from the past few months, act on plans we’ve been procrastinating on, or to move forward with that new hobby you’ve been talking about since July. This year, before you dive head first into your New Year’s resolution, take a step back and create your vision. Visualize the upcoming months and how your newfound resolution will manifest itself into your daily routine. Taking the time to create this vision and follow through with the action will be the first step to creating a successful and realistic New Year’s resolution for yourself!

This “vision” we speak of is elevated by looking inward and reflecting on how your past resolutions have shaped where you are today. Do you set realistic goals for yourself? Have you thought through the potential roadblocks that may deter your from reaching your goals? How will you overcome those roadblocks? Where have you fallen flat in the past? How have you succeeded? Reflect on the decisions in the past that have led you to being here, now.

Creating positive change can be done in many ways and should not only be generated with the turn of a new year. This year, rather than setting unrealistic goals for yourself, take a step back to visualize and manifest those positive changes and turn them into successful resolutions that you can develop and expand all year-round!