Natural Gas Options for Brunswick Forest Homes

February 28, 2016
Brunswick Forest
Brunswick Forest neighborhood

Brunswick Forest offers natural gas for use in nearly all of its neighborhoods currently, and is in the process of running natural gas lines to accommodate residents in other neighborhoods in the future.

Advantages of Natural Gas in Brunswick Forest Homes

Brunswick Forest homeowners love having the option of using natural gas in their homes for cooktops, gas fireplaces, outdoor grills and kitchens and for tank-less water heaters. The latter offers energy efficiency and near-instant availability of hot water.

A Community Full of Top-Notch Benefits

Access to high-end conveniences and amenities are what you can expect when you decide to purchase in Brunswick Forest! In addition to natural gas, the community also offers residents 1 gig fiber internet service, public utilities and world-class amenities like more than 100 miles of walking, biking and nature trails, a commercial town center, three community pools, tennis and pickleball courts, a community garden, stocked fishing pond, club meeting space, Fitness Center, kayak and canoe boat launch, community ponds for water sports and paddleboarding and a renowned golf course designed by golf expert, Tim Cate.