September 2, 2011
Brunswick Forest

These two Jersey residents (of fifteen years) made their way to the North Carolina Coast because of all of the “cliché” reasons as they called them…harsh weather, high taxes and bad traffic.  “Did I mention the weather?!” Bill chimed in once more.

“We felt like when we stopped working that it was time for us to move on,” Valerie said.

And, move on they did…right to Brunswick Forest!  However, the journey to finding Brunswick Forest as they recall wasn’t quite that easy.

“We visited communities up and down the East Coast without finding that special something” Bill said.  “We began to think we were going back to Jersey,” Valerie remembers.  “But, then we found it!  Brunswick Forest was the last stop on our trip and we just knew it.  From the pools and other amenities, it had it all!  Now, we get to enjoy it all.”

Valerie is a fitness junkie and swims laps in the pristine pool at the Brunswick Forest Fitness & Wellness Center.  Bill enjoys golfing at Cape Fear National and his insider tip is to “bring extra balls.”  This couple couldn’t be happier with their decision of choosing Brunswick Forest.  “Our friends back in Jersey thought we were nuts to leave.  We think it’s marvelous,” the couple concluded!