June 20, 2017
Beth Burgee

If you’re tired of the same old, boring grocery store run, Lowes Foods is changing the conversation!!  Step into a Lowes Foods near you and experience grocery shopping in a whole new light!!

Lowes Foods is focusing on bringing you homegrown, locally-sourced products and produce in a fresh, fun and interactive environment.  Did you ever think you would be doing the Chicken Dance when shopping for groceries?!  Well at Lowes Foods, whenever the roasted chicken is fresh out of the Chicken Kitchen, the music begins and all the staff joins in!!

Want to find North Carolina craft brews and the best wines around?!  Head to the Beer Den at Lowes Foods where one of the cheerful staff members will be happy to help you hand select your libations for the evening!

Lowes Foods is even changing how they market their store with innovate billboards and ads!!

If it’s been awhile since you’ve stopped into Lowes Foods, make the trip today to their location in The Villages at Brunswick Forest!  It will be worth your while…if only to see the Chicken Dance!!