local lectures, book readings and discussion panels

November 22, 2016
Katie McAlick

If you’re looking for opportunities to be continually enriched, the Greater Wilmington area offers a number of local lectures, book readings and discussion panels that fit the bill.


The campuses of the University of North Carolina, Wilmington and Cape Fear Community College offer a number of lecture options for you to take part in. The Leadership Lecture Series is an extremely popular lecture series focusing on cultural, political and economic issues in today’s society.  The series welcomes audience interaction and encourages experience sharing.


Wilmington is home to a variety of authors such as Drew Krepp, Anne Russell and Dana Sachs.  These authors and many more have performed book readings for the town in local coffee shops, book stores and area theaters.  Click here for an upcoming line up.


The Greater Wilmington Business Journal plays host throughout the year to some of the most informative discussion panels.  Visit their website to find when their next panel will be held and what topics will be discussed.