February 12, 2013
Brunswick Forest

Everyone is talking about the Brunswick Forest community! With abundant lifestyle choicesconvenient shopping and medical care, as well as top-notch amenities, it is no wonder our residents are raving! The decision to relocate is different for everyone and each family that calls Brunswick Forest home has made the same smart choice!

Hear what some of our residents have to say about the location, flexibility, and lifestyle of the Brunswick Forest community.

Greg & Marilyn Darrow

“Location is everything in real estate, something that couldn’t be truer at Brunswick Forest. Historic downtown Wilmington, NC is just minutes away, offering everything we could hope for. Yet we can so easily retreat back to our home, where we enjoy a natural lifestyle rich in amenities. We’re so very thankful we live here.”

Sandy & Heidi Ergas

“We began with a home site on the Cape Fear National golf course, knowing we had complete flexibility and plenty of time. Sooner than expected, we settled on a home design and a builder- now we’re happily enjoying everything Brunswick Forest has to offer.”

Pete & Joan Papp

“We chose Brunswick Forest first and foremost for the lifestyle it offers. Our neighbors are our friends and we spend much time together taking advantage of the many amenities that make life here so unique. There’s a special feeling here, closeness to nature and a dedication to a happy, healthy lifestyle that runs throughout the entire community. We feel privileged and very grateful.”

The process and journey that relocation brings has its challenges, but these residents knew it was well worth it as affirmed here in our Brunswick Forest Resident Testimonials.

Brunswick Forest Resident Testimonials