grand opening of the new belville riverwalk

May 22, 2016
Brunswick Forest

The nearby Town of Belville recently held a grand opening ceremony for a brand new amenity available to Brunswick Forest residents! The new Brunswick Riverwalk at the Belville Waterfront Park highlights one of the area’s beautiful and sought-after attributes: abundant access to beautiful coastal waterways!

leland gathering

photo courtesy Town of Leland

The new Brunswick Riverwalk is just one new feature that has been added to the Belville Waterfront Park. The newly-revamped park includes a fishing pier, ½ mile nature trail and picnic grounds. The addition of these new amenities is just the first step the town is taking to revitalize the Belville downtown riverfront district. In the future, the town is looking in to adding retail shops and restaurants to the waterfront area. For Brunswick Forest residents, this means new opportunities for waterfront dining and new parks and green spaces to explore!

nb boardwalk

photo courtesy WWAYTV3

The Brunswick Riverwalk celebrates the natural beauty of Southeastern North Carolina by highlighting just one of the natural features that makes this area so special. Much of Waterfront Park remains largely untouched, so visitors can admire the coastal landscape the way nature intended. This addition to the area parks and recreational system is just one of many to come as the county continues to grow, so Brunswick Forest residents can look forward to more opportunities to get outside, stay active and enjoy nature!


photo courtesy Town of Leland