August 8, 2012
Brunswick Forest

Did you know you can get your own therapeutic massage right here in Brunswick Forest.  Just call the Fitness & Wellness Center and they’ll book you one today!  Relax and unwind without even leaving the community.  It’s like having your own private masseuse!

Did you know???  You can stay up-to-date on all the current events, development news, pictures and more just by checking the Bulletin Board at the Fitness & Wellness Center.  You will even have a chance to plan your social calendar for the month because all of the monthly community happenings are right at your fingertips!  Check it out today!

Did you know???  You can exercise your green thumb at the Brunswick Forest Community Garden.  Grow your own fruits, veggies, herbs and flowers to spice up your dinner table!  If you want to get involved with the Community Garden, call the Fitness & Wellness Center for more information.

Brunswick Forest Fitness & Wellness Center- 910.342.2215