enjoy tasty treats at area donut shops

August 12, 2016
Brunswick Forest


CCBY, Dave Crosby https://www.flickr.com/people/wikidave/

Lately, in the Wilmington area, cupcakes are a thing of the past, and donuts are the latest craze in sweet treats! This new trend is evident in the number of donut shops that have popped up all over the Port City and beyond. As a resident in Brunswick Forest, you have the unique opportunity to try these shops and more of the area’s local favorites. Enjoy exploring all the wonderful culinary offerings the area has to offer!

In addition to its gourmet and traditional glazed donuts, Loops serves up fair-trade coffee and fruit smoothies, making it the perfect pre or post-beach stop. Residents of Brunswick Forest are sure to love the large selection of organic coffee drinks available all day long at the shop’s café.

A trip to Carolina Beach would not be complete without a stop at Britt’s Donuts. Located in the town’s newly-revamped boardwalk district, Britt’s Donuts is a Wilmington area institution. The shop only sells one kind of donut, and has done so for the past 75 years. There’s no need for more selection, however, because Britt’s is so popular with locals and tourists alike that there is always a long line waiting for the freshly-made donuts each spring when the shop opens for the season.

Wake N Bake Donuts has been an area favorite since opening in Carolina Beach and was voted “Best Donuts” by the readers of Encore magazine for 2015. Try the shop’s distinctive stuffed donuts, signature donuts and fritters. Wake N Bake even has vegan donut options for Brunswick Forest residents who follow a plant-based diet.

While not a locally-based donut shop, Krispy Kreme was started in North Carolina in 1937 and is now a national franchise. The Wilmington location on College Road features the company’s signature “hot light” which lets passers-by know when hot and fresh donuts are available.