Eclectic and Creative: September Art Galleries Around Town

September 15, 2021

Greater Wilmington, North Carolina, and eclectic artwork go together like bread and butter. Our beloved port city is closely associated with the arts; be it a play at Thalian Hall, live concerts being held at one of the many venues, or an open-air market for crafts and other artwork for sale. While Summer might be coming to a close, there’s still a lot to look forward to around town. A great pastime for locals, is browsing art galleries, and there will be a few to watch out for this September.

Art galleries are a great way to start immersing yourself in local culture, especially in a town like Wilmington. Ceramics, clay, paintings, clothing, jewelry, and so much more have become intertwined with our community. They are also great places to display thematic work that touches upon race, childhood memories, or nature. Here are a few upcoming galleries that you might want to consider attending.

“Pinkie’s Memories” by Pinkie Strother:

Childhood memories are like a mirror to the past, where some of our deepest emotions reside. The places we live and grow up in, can have a profound impact on these feelings. That’s the sort of viewpoint that local North Carolina artist Pinkie Strother is trying to capture in this gallery of illustrated works. On display in the prestigious Cameron Art Museum, Pinkie Strother will have all sorts of works displaying a re-creation of her childhood in the 50s and 60s, Maryland, using mixed media. These special rooms will captivate you and place into the artist’s memories using the recreation of churches, houses, schools and libraries from her past. It’s a charming display that is sure to impress.

“Ways” by Donald Furst:

A professor of art and former chair of UNCW’s Department of Art and Art History, Donald Furst will have his artwork displayed on campus this September. The gallery itself will go on until September 24th, so you have plenty of time to see his work. Furst is currently an operator of Ars Longa Press, which specializes in what is known as mezzotint and intaglio printmaking. This gallery focuses on illustrations using soft pastels, and monotype on paper. Furst’s work features elements of realistic and surreal depictions of stairs, doorways, and other building structures. Almost like something out of Film Noir, his work will inspire you to think differently about everyday settings.

“The Shadow We Create”

A truly emotional gallery that connects you with your fellow human being. “The Shadow We Create” is all about asking the hard social questions but in a creative way that makes you think outside the box. This exhibit tackles issues of social perceptions, race, servitude, fear, and the consequences of not speaking up through others. Artwork featured includes notable artists like Mary Bowron, Willie Cole, And Jan-Ru Wan.

The artwork is more than just pleasing to look at. It helps illustrate the talents of an artist, tells us about their emotions, and allows us to look at the world around us in a different light. And on top of that, it’s just a relaxing way to spend a day. Here are some additional galleries that might pique your interest: