September 27, 2012
Brunswick Forest

There is no time like the present to discover your hometown! Leland, NC is one of the fastest growing towns in southeastern NC and yet, still has its small town charm and atmosphere.  And, its location couldn’t be better… just 5 miles from historic downtown Wilmington, NC.

Leland welcomes its residents and guests with local restaurants and quaint shopping areas. It also has a ton of outdoor activities available with the installation of the scenic Leland Municipal Park and the ever-inviting Sturgen/Mill Creek Water Access Park. Each year, the “can’t miss” event is the Leland Founder’s Day Festival. This year it was even held right at Brunswick Forest’s front door. Leland’s small town charm continues to captivate town residents and guests with great additions like its public library and its variety of frozen yogurt choices!

Be sure to discover YOUR Leland today! Big things are in store for this ever growing town, including the Leland cultural arts center and the Westgate nature park that is currently under construction!

Visit the Town of Leland’s website for more information: