Discover What It Means to Be Coastal by Nature®

July 29, 2019

Coastal North Carolina is one of the most charming places you can visit. With a wealth of history that dates to the colonial period, the greater Wilmington area is a beautiful setting with a lot of history. Imagine sipping wine as you gaze toward the sunset over the Cape Fear River. Picture enjoying eclectic galleries or strolling along the beach with the water gently lapping at your feet. All good things take their time down South, and stress-free living is encouraged. What’s the best part about all of this? Brunswick Forest offers a Coastal Discovery Package that gives you a sneak peak of what it’s like to live the Coastal By Nature® lifestyle.

If you were ever curious about how it would feel to be a part of a community that encourages you to live the way you want, in a safe and welcoming environment, then Brunswick Forest’s Coastal Discovery Package is for you! Aspiring homeowners are always welcomed to the area with open arms. Think of Brunswick Forest’s Coastal Discovery Package as a mini-vacation, chock full of optional activities that will have you falling in love with everything that sets Brunswick Forest apart from other similar communities. Most of all, these experiences are bundled into a community that treats its residents like family, and where neighbors become life-long friends.

A member of our experienced sales team will make sure you are catered to, in every possible way while enjoying the lifestyle that so many residents have come to love. Here are just some of the contents of our Coastal Discovery Package that you can indulge in:

At just $99.00, there’s so much to experience with the Coastal Discovery Package. Contact the sales team with any inquiries you might have at: 866-831-8382, 910.371.2434 or

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