Cape Fear Festival of Trees 2019

December 2, 2019

Oh, Christmas tree oh Christmas tree, how are thy leaves so verdant? Whether real or synthetic, the Christmas tree symbolizes a time of peace on Earth and goodwill for many people around the world. Perhaps one of the greatest traditions of all, is the act of decorating a tree to make it unique. Some decorators prefer classic tinsel, some decide on the old “popcorn on a string” garland and others decide to laden their branches with candy canes. It doesn’t matter how you decorate yours. Everyone can agree that seeing Christmas Trees in all their splendor is a beautiful sight.

How did the concept of the Christmas tree start, exactly? It is recorded that, even before the rise of Christianity, trees and plants that remained green all year held special significance to people. Even in ancient times, people would decorate their dwellings with spruce branches to add color during an otherwise bleak season. Christmas Trees, as we know them today, were first started over in Germany. Protestant reformer, Martin Luther, is said to have first added lights to the tree branches after he saw stars twinkling amongst the evergreen trees outside. Though originally seen as symbols of Paganism, as late as 1840 in America, Christmas trees eventually made their way into thousands of homes. This was made even more acceptable, and even fashionable, when Queen Victoria of England adopted the custom of Christmas. To this day, millions of Americans look forward to decorating a tree of their very own, every holiday season.

The Festival of Trees is celebrating its 33rd annual year in the greater Wilmington area, and will be exhibited at the famous North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher! In addition to seeing the glimmer of these holiday icons, visitors to the festival will also get to experience a variety of sea life in one of the best marine exhibits in the Southeast. General admission to touring the aquarium automatically sets visors up to view the Festival of Trees, without additional charge! Approximately 50 amazing trees will be on display this year, so hurry on down to the aquarium to catch a glimpse for yourself.

This event will be taking place all December long, and Brunswick Forest encourages you to make the time to visit this longstanding Wilmington tradition. Dazzling holiday spectators for decades, the Festival of Trees is usually on everyone’s Christmas to-do list at least once during the year. If you think one Christmas tree is beautiful enough, how about an entire menagerie of custom decorated trees? Each tree will be “purchased” by one of several local businesses or organizations, and the tree will be decorated in accordance with that businesses’ theme. It’s amazing to see the creative decorations that they can come up with, and it’s sure to delight people of all ages.

True to the spirit of the holiday season, the Wilmington Festival of Trees makes sure that every penny spent goes back to a wonderful local cause. Just as in years past, this year’s festival will have its proceeds go to the Lower Cape Fear Hospice. These donations ensure that the people in our area who need access to vital services are always taken care of in a comfortable environment. It doesn’t get much better than having a great time while also helping those in need.

If you haven’t yet visited the Festival of Trees, be sure to do so before the festival ends later this month! It’s an incredible time that you won’t soon forget, and a vital part of our culture here on the Carolina coast.

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