Builder Spotlight: Liberty Homes

September 26, 2023

Building someone’s home is a great honor and responsibility. After all, you’re creating the actual roof over someone’s head, the walls on which they’ll hang family photos, and the kitchen in which they’ll nourish loved ones. At Liberty Homes, every team member understands the significance of what they do. That’s why they’re completely dedicated to their clients’ total satisfaction. 

Liberty Homes’ core values of customer satisfaction, integrity, and quality exemplify this commitment. This crew will stop at nothing to make sure whomever they’re building a home for has exactly the floor plan and design they envisioned. From the size of the living room to the backsplash in the kitchen, Liberty Homes is there to help you find a dream home like no other. 

Customer Satisfaction 

Customers who are interested in a Liberty Home will be pleased to know this home builder offers plenty of opportunities for customization. In fact, Liberty Homes’ Design Center is chock full of design elements to choose from. You’ll find cabinetry, brickwork, tiles, and much more, all arrayed for your convenience. Custom home builds are very popular, but there are tons of pre-designed options, too! If you’d prefer to avoid the weeds of home design, it’s worth knowing that Liberty Homes’ award-winning models are crafted with client expectations in mind.

Designs like the Lynnhaven II, which can be found at Brunswick Forest, are examples of excellent craftsmanship. Just looking at the spacious kitchen, with a convenient and tasteful serving island, makes you imagine all the fun times you’ll have with friends and family laughing together. The open-concept design, with rooms flowing into one another with ease, lends an air of simplicity and light.


Liberty Homes stands behind its products and processes. Every step of the way, prospective homeowners get updates on the progress of their home build, and this commitment to communication matters. “We absolutely love our Liberty home!” says Susan Keenehan, a happy homeowner, “The design, craftsmanship and attention to detail are wonderful. The people at Liberty are great to work with from the sales, selections and build process.” This team of home builders and design experts want to make sure you know everything about your home design. A Liberty Homes representative will always deliver on their promises. 


One core tenet of this home builder’s philosophy is working with high quality materials. When you visit the Liberty Homes Design Center in Leland, NC, you’ll see prime examples of this loyalty to quality. You can also see the superiority of material selection when you’re visiting models, though. As you walk through the expansive living room of the Summerlyn at Brunswick Forest, you’ll feel the first-rate flooring under your feet. You’ll recognize the fine nature of the huge windows, letting in oodles of light but not a single draft.

You’ll understand the attention to detail in everything from the baseboards to shingles. There’s a reason Brunswick Forest relies on Liberty Homes to craft new home designs for its residents. They’re reliable partners and outstanding at what they do. 

2 Houses with the sunset behind them

If you’re looking for an incredible new home on the North Carolina coast, you can count on Liberty Homes to make your dream come true. Explore the models available at Brunswick Forest, where our team of experts is dedicated to helping new residents discover their ideal house. Get in touch today at 866-831-8382 to learn more about available properties and upcoming events