Brokers at Brunswick: It’s Not Just Business, You’re Family.

August 21, 2019

The real estate team at Brunswick Forest is comprised of an eager bunch! They share a passion for our community and are always excited to educate aspiring residents about living the forest lifestyle. Real estate brokers are a key component in creating a bond between aspiring homeowners and our dedicated sales team. Brunswick Forest is home to residents from a variety of places. However, it’s not just aspiring homeowners that we view as new members to our family. Brunswick Forest is a broker friendly community, where brokers become friends with our staff and get to know others in their field of work.

At Brunswick Forest, we treat our brokers with the same warmth and hospitality we show aspiring homeowners, looking to make their home here. When visiting Brunswick Forest, local brokers get to learn more about our neighborhoods, homes, amenities and what each option has to offer potential buyers. Our agents go above and beyond to show what sets Brunswick Forest apart from other master-planned communities. We want our broker friends to always feel comfortable bringing their clients to Brunswick Forest. Our Sales team makes sure that each brokerage office has the latest information on all of our amenities and available inventory. Our agents always do their best to work hand in hand with local brokers to provide each potential homeowner with the best experience possible. This includes inviting buyers take advantage of special opportunities like our Coastal Discovery Package.

Brokers who have clients interested in Brunswick Forest’s brilliantly planned-out neighborhoods will find that there’s plenty of activities that they can engage in as well. Brunswick Forest will often host broker dedicated events, where brokers can mingle with one another. At these events, brokers can enjoy rounds of golf, luncheons, raffles and of course, model home tours.

Most of all, when brokers do business with Brunswick Forest, the real estate team will make sure that the prospective homeowner is treated with great respect. For example, with our Coastal Discovery Package, aspiring homeowners are given resident amenity access for a day. This includes valuable time to visit the nearby beaches and historic downtown Wilmington.

Brunswick Forest is more than just a community that promotes active lifestyles in an amenity-filled location, because the experience we choose to give, goes beyond just business alone. Brunswick Forest welcomes each new client and broker to join the Brunswick Forest family.