Brunswick Forest’s Attractive Lifestyle Brings New Residents To The Area

February 6, 2016
Brunswick Forest

Recent studies reveal that North Carolina remains a popular relocation destination, with Brunswick County and one of its fastest-growing communities, Brunswick Forest, among the leaders in population growth. New residents are drawn to the area’s mild climate, lower cost of living, and relaxed, coastal lifestyle free from the traffic concerns and hectic pace often experienced in larger cities.

North Carolina: Top Five for Inbound Moves
According to the 2015 Movers Study by United Van Lines, North Carolina ranks fifth in the nation for inbound moves, at 58.9 percent. The state’s inbound move rate has been 55 percent or higher since 1993.

“North Carolina is a nice transition for folks from the Northeast and cities along the 1-95 corridor,” explains Brunswick Forest Director of Sales Jerry Helms. “I’m not at all surprised by these numbers because we’ve seen phenomenal growth here at Brunswick Forest over the past eight years.”

Helms points to the region’s climate and location as key to the area’s appeal. “Coastal North Carolina offers warmer weather, but we still experience the change of seasons,” he says. “It’s also a big plus that we are within a day’s drive from friends and family who still live up north.”

Brunswick County: Second-Fastest-Growing County in the State
Over the past decade, Brunswick County, North Carolina, has consistently been ranked as one of the fastest-growing counties in the state and in the nation. Between 2010 and 2014, the county saw a 10.6 percent population increase, jumping from 107,431 to 118,836 residents, according to U.S. Census Bureau data. Leland is the county’s fastest-growing town, with the master-planned community of Brunswick Forest helping to spur the growth.

“Brunswick County has a lot to offer new residents, especially those who are looking for a unique coastal lifestyle experience,” says Helms.

“Our county’s tourism tagline is ‘more beach for your blanket’ and that really rings true when you look at our county’s beaches compared to coastal areas in other parts of the country. We have a number of pristine, uncrowded beaches that are some of the nicest in the state. It’s just an overall better experience for beachgoers.”

The county also is home to numerous award-winning golf courses, including Brunswick Forest’s Cape Fear National®, and the area’s many waterways make it a popular destination for sports fisherman and water sports enthusiasts.

Brunswick Forest: Fastest-Growing Community in the Coastal South
As one of the fastest-growing communities in this part of the country, Brunswick Forest stands out for its prime location, amenities that are already built and available for residents to enjoy immediately, and activities geared to suit a wide variety of preferences, including neighborhood socials, community events, fitness activities, sports leagues, and more than 50 resident-sponsored clubs. “Brunswick Forest is a magnet for new residents,” says Helms. “We’re located just 6.7 miles from downtown Wilmington with its dining and cultural opportunities, and the community itself fulfills the aspirations of people looking to relocate. The look and feel of the community—including its attractive landscaping, heavily wooded areas, numerous parks, luxury amenities and diverse architecture— add to the overall conclusion that this is a really special place.”

Brunswick Forest also meets the desire to have convenient access to a grocery store and other shopping, dining options, and quality medical services. The Villages at Brunswick Forest is a 160-acre commercial center for the community, providing residents with all of these and more. In fact, New Hanover Regional Medical Center has a large presence in The Villages, offering residents on-site access to advanced diagnostic services, and several medical practices have offices in the building.

“The Villages are a major reason Brunswick Forest stands out among other communities,” says Helms. “Our residents do not have to leave the community for most of the things they need and want.”

Helms says the developers are especially gratified when they hear how happy people are with their decision to call Brunswick Forest home. “Residents often tell us that they never imagined their life would change so dramatically for the better just by choosing this community,” he says. “Folks relocating here from other parts of the country tell us that they aspired to a higher quality of life— and that is just what we offer here at Brunswick Forest.”

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