October 2, 2012
Brunswick Forest

Hi everybody, I’m Levi and I can’t tell you how happy I am to live in Brunswick Forest! Three years ago, my Mom and Dad, Linda and Mark Donaldson, rescued me after I broke my leg in an accident and brought me to my beautiful home in Parkview at Brunswick Forest. They named me “Levi,” which means “joined” and fits me and my family perfectly!

By the way, did I tell you that I have a sister? Her name is Izzy and we love going to the Bark Park and exploring new trails throughout Brunswick Forest. Check out the picture above with my mom and my sister just before one of our adventures.

My sister and I are so lucky! We do everything together…we lounge in our open and airy living room, play tag in the backyard, and even swim in Hammock Lake, our new favorite spot in Brunswick Forest.

We hope you’re two-legged companions will make you as lucky as us and consider a visit to Brunswick Forest soon.  Izzy and I will be waiting!

Woof, woof!
Levi Donaldson