An Inside Look at The Community Gardens

June 3, 2018
Beth Burgee

Found in a small back corner of Cape Fear National, the resident-driven Community Garden is one of our favorite hidden gems in Brunswick Forest. With 46 plots and over 25 families currently growing in the space, the garden continues to expand with each passing year.

Sprouting roots in 2014, the garden was initially created in the Park Landing II neighborhood. Moving to their current home in 2015, the area has continued to expand and flourish here. Residents introduced a new section to the garden this past year, which included an additional 18 plots for new fruits, vegetables and flowers to grow.

As the seasons change, so do those involved in the garden. “People come and go as they’d like. We have new families getting involved all the time, says Linda Ferry, who oversees Brunswick Forest’s Community Garden.

According to Linda, a lot of residents that are new to North Carolina’s climate have an adjustment period as they learn what fruits and vegetables work best in their garden. The community’s garden is currently flourishing with new blooms and lots of growth throughout the space. Filled with string beans, snow peas, squash, tomatoes, okra, broccoli, kale, potatoes and more, the garden is vibrant and diverse with different crops throughout the year.

“The garden can be utilized year-round. We’re able to put covers over the fences, which help to make it usable at most times of the year,” explained Linda.

New and old members come out once a year for an annual Spring clean up to get the garden beds ready for season. In addition to clean-ups, Linda organized a party at the Community Commons which featured a guest speaker from the Purple Pepper in Delco, NC. The meeting was informational, informative and a great way for residents to learn and expand on their gardening knowledge.

A true community effort, the garden is maintained entirely by residents. Donating their time, money and supplies to the cause, the Community Garden is a great addition to Brunswick Forest.