A Fresh Perspective: Brunswick Forest’s David Kubes

August 2, 2019

Buying and selling a home in Brunswick Forest is made easy thanks to our fantastic real-estate team. The team always works hard to be transparent and helpful whenever you need them most. Just like our residents, many of the agents have their own personal stories as to why our community is so important to them. Having first moved to the Leland area in 1975, sales agent David Kubes knows that Brunswick Forest is more than just his place of work, it’s a matter of family.

A North Carolinian at heart, David still remembers when he first set his roots in Leland, when the population was less than 1,000 residents. “I live in downtown Wilmington, but I remember Leland when it was sparsely populated,” David tells us. For David, Brunswick Forest has become an integral part of who he is, as his own parents have been homeowners here for almost seven years. “Just last month my aunt and uncle also moved to Brunswick Forest,” David exclaims. David first got the opportunity to join the Brunswick Forest team back when the community first blossomed, in early 2007.

As for his duties within the community, David finds a lot of joy introducing new clients to the area. “My job entails touring clients around the area while sharing the benefits of calling Brunswick Forest home,” David explains. David then goes into further detail by stating, “Once someone makes the decision to live here, I help them decide which of our neighborhoods would suit their needs. This way, it’s easier to begin acquiring a lot to build a home on or to purchase one already built.”

“My favorite part about working at Brunswick Forest, is that my team is more than just a team, it’s more like a family. Everyone is always so supportive of one another. When I was young and growing up in Leland, the area didn’t have much, and to see how large it’s grown has been really rewarding,” David states. Above all else though, David cites the homeowners themselves as being the biggest reason for loving what he does. David simply loves meeting and helping new people with their home buying process. He explains that being committed to the client and being there for them throughout the purchasing process is important to him. “It’s a big process to move away from a location that you’re used to. There’s nothing better than seeing and hearing happy homeowners and knowing that you helped by playing a role in that decision,” David continues.

David is a unique part of the Brunswick Forest sales team, because he also is known for his high-quality drone and camera footage of the community. “One of the benefits of photography is that it’s allowed me to see this community from a completely different perspective. It also allows me to share the lifestyle of Brunswick Forest through videos and photos, giving prospects a more unique and realistic perception of what it’s like here.”

Overall, David described Brunswick Forest as being an active lifestyle community designed to benefit today’s audiences searching for ways to live their lives to the fullest. In closing, David had these words to say, “Brunswick Forest is less than ten minutes away from Wilmington, which gives residents important big city services but with a smaller town feel.” Looking to tour Brunswick Forest through our Coastal Discovery Package, or maybe you’re just looking to contact David and the rest of the real estate team? Call: 866-832-1141, 910-371-2434 or email at info@BrunswickForest.com