May 3, 2013
Brunswick Forest

City of Wilmington on the river

An attractive climate and addictive laidback lifestyle has kept active adults all over the country flocking to coastal North Carolina. Soaking up the sun, sand, and surf keeps visitors and local residents busy all spring and summer long, but coastal North Carolina offers more than just great beaches!
Coastal North Carolina entices active adults with a friendly environment where neighbors wave; doors are opened for you; and a smile is the most common accessory worn. Whether you are just visiting or have decided to make coastal North Carolina your permanent residence, you are sure to have many great memories awaiting you!
With four distinct seasons in North Carolina, active adults enjoy all of the great changes that come with each season. Take pleasure in a flowery spring, bright summer, colorful fall and best of all a mild winter! An array of lifestyle choices await in coastal North Carolina which makes it the perfect landing ground for active adults.
The historic town of Wilmington sits on the North Carolina coast about an hour north of Myrtle Beach, SC. Wilmington offers biking and walking trails, fabulous dining, art, entertainment, a farmers market, boutique shopping, a historic downtown, and multiple beaches all wrapped into one! So if you’re thinking about a trip or your new home, try Wilmington on for size.