meet braxton fussell…

October 6, 2011
Brunswick Forest

Hello all and welcome to Brunswick Forest!  My name is Braxton Fussell and I’m a Lifestyle Consultant here at the Coastal South’s fastest growing community.

I grew up in South Eastern North Carolina (less than 40 minutes from Brunswick Forest) and had the great fortune to live in and around Wilmington for most of my life.  The attachment that I have to the Wilmington area is undeniable from the water and warm climate to the eclectic food and nightlife…you just can’t beat it!  I left the Wilmington area only for a brief time and realized quickly how soon I wished to return.  I have been back in Wilmington and with Brunswick Forest for over two years now and life couldn’t be better!

We have four distinct seasons here at Brunswick Forest…a lovely spring, bright summer, colorful fall and best of all a mild winter!  Golfing, sight seeing, boating, and walking our miles of nature trails can be experienced year round here. In addition to the great weather, we have low taxes, little traffic, and a location just minutes to everything!

I hope to see you here soon!